R2R Process Facilities for Nanomanufacturing

Equipment and facilities investments provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Science Foundation for research on roll-to-roll nanomanufacturing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst include tools for the following processes:

R2R NILRoll-to-Roll Nanoimprint Lithography
The facility features a custom-designed Roll-to-Roll UV-assisted Nanoimprint Lithography Tool engineered by Carpe Diem Technologies.

R2R NanoHybridRoll-to-Roll Coating
Soon to be installed in the facility is a unique, custom-designed Roll-to-Roll Hybrid Materials Coating Tool with In-line Planarization, engineered by Carpe Diem Technologies.

Yasui Sekei R2R CoaterMicrogravure Coating
Our Yasui Seiki Microgravure Coater tabletop coater enables a smooth and uniform thin layer coating by employing a reverse, kiss gravure coating method, offering simplicity, reliability, and reproducibility of coating. Once roll-to-roll coating feasibility is demonstrated from a small lab sample with as little as 30ml of solution on this coater, transitioning to a standard production coater is easy since this test coater is built to the same exact standards as standard size production coaters.

Nanonex Nanoimprinter NX-2000Thermal Nanoimprinting
A full-wafer Nanonex NX-1000 Thermal Nanoimprinter capable of thermoplastic, thermal curable and UV curable imprinting. The substrate size ranges from piece part to maximum 4” round wafers, and mean residual layer thickness is 50 nm.

Step-and-flash Imprint Lithography
Step-and-flash imprint lithography (S-FIL) technology is a bi-layer lithographic process where a low viscosity, UV-curable liquid is dispensed in droplets onto an underlying standard organic planarization layer, enabling imprinting on a wide variety of semiconductor device layers. The Molecular Imprints Imprio 55 Step-and-Flash Imprinter works via an automated step-and-repeat process that has the latitude to support up to 8 inch wafers with a single size template.

Plasma Etching
A single-chamber, manual loadlock Trion Systems Phantom II ICP RIE plasma etching system, designed specifically for R&D or low wafer volume applications, that combines a high-conductance, high-vacuum compatible process chamber with a patented ICP source to produce a very high ion density at low pressures, used to etch nanoscopically patterned materials.

Suss Microtec MA6 Mask AlignerMask and Bond Alignment
The Nanotechnology Cleanroom Laboratory of the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing includes a Suss Microtec MA-6 Mask Aligner. This high-resolution UV-exposure system provides the photolithographic resolution necessary for fabricating nanoscale devices at high levels of precision. Capacity ranges from 2” to 6” wafers.

Hysitron TriboIndenterNanoindentation
The adjacent W. M. Keck Nanostructures Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts Amherst includes a 10” Hysitron TriboIndenter for measuring mechanical properties such as elastic modulus and hardness with nanometer scale accuracy.

Softwall Clean Rooms
All imprinting and coating work in the R2R Process Facility for Nanomanufacturing is performed in two Class 1,000 clean rooms in the Conte National Polymer Research Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.