R2R Nano is a focused research and technology development initiative based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst to advance roll-to-roll nanomanufacturing research.  Stemming from the roll-to-roll test bed program of the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, the initiative explores scientific and technical solutions for cost, speed, scale-up and quality improvements in R2R processes.

As one of America’s leading academic-industry engagement points for R2R in advanced manufacturing, R2R Nano provides an outstanding tool and instrumentation platform, globally-recognized research leadership in polymer science and nanoscale fabrication, patent protection on unique processes and materials, and collaboration opportunities through our ‘Cluster R’ industry affiliates program and sponsored projects.

Situated in a region with an industrial legacy of sheet and web production of paper, film, coatings, and converting processes, we welcome R&D collaborations with Massachusetts companies and others as part of our role in regional economic development.

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NSF Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing
The Institute for Applied Life Sciences – Roll to Roll Fabrication and Processing Facility