About Cluster R Membership

The UMass Amherst Cluster R consortium, open to any business on a sliding scale based on company size, allows small team dynamics between technical personnel from your company and university faculty, staff and students. Benefits include semi-annual consortium meetings, poster symposia, meetings and workshops of the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, and assistance in recruiting future employees. Members can also obtain a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to university patents resulting from the research done in Cluster R. Additional CUMIRP clusters in polymer-related topics are also open to industry membership, and discounts are offered for multiple cluster memberships.

Industrial participation in CUMIRP is an affordable and attractive investment. The sharing of research and patent costs by cluster members allows for a tremendous leveraging of your dues, and you are engaged at the cutting edge of roll-to-roll process research.

Large Company (> $1 billion sales): $30,000
Medium Company ($100 million to $1 billion): $18,000
Small Company (< $100 million): $6,000

Financial Incentives

  • Companies joining multiple CUMIRP clusters¬†are eligible for substantial discounts.
  • All companies joining CUMIRP Cluster R are entitled to one free day of hands-on experience using our roll-to-roll tools under the guidance of the Roll-to-Roll Lab facility director during the first year of consortium membership.
  • To encourage collaborative research projects utilizing our facilities, for any CUMIRP Part IV “Scoping Research” projects involving use of the Roll-to-Roll Laboratory Facility, Cluster R members will receive a 50% discount on lab facility fees up to the value of their Cluster R dues assessed for that year. ¬†Once that limit has been reached, any further use of the Roll-to-Roll Lab under a CUMIRP Cluster IV project agreement will come with a 20% discount on the laboratory fees.

To discuss membership, learn more about how these incentives may apply to your company, or to obtain a copy of the CUMIRP Membership Agreement, contact David Waldman at (508) 856-8255.

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